Favorites Day #3

You may be wondering what this little piece of brown plastic is..? This is my life saver on dishes, kitchen floors, and counters. It is a pampered chef rubber scrapper. They make it to clean their stoneware but I have found it to be my favorite kitchen cleaning tool. If you are like me and tend to put of the dishes to once a day food tends to get stuck and turns into cement this is the best to get the crusted oatmeal off of the breakfast bowls! :)


Amanda said...

good tool...I agree.
And we have the same Phaltzgraf. Naturewood I think.
Good taste. :-)

Katie said...

I need one of those! I love this idea, and I'm collecting some of my favorite things to copy you!

Anonymous said...

that is so funny, i LOVE mine too. i actaully lost it in the move over the summer and kris was wonderig why i was distraguht about finding a piece of plastic! i think only you wold understand. but i did find it again on the move to texas and now i am a happy dish scrapper again! crystal