My little buddy

The other day we were watching family videos and Samuel said, "How come Kaitlen is always being filmed?", and on another tape "why is Savannah on here so much?" I decided it was because they were then 3 years old.  Undoubtedly the cutest age their is.  They are potty trained, much more independent, still learning to say some of their letters (for Isabelle it is her "f's"), happy and so full of love for everyone and everything.  This little girl is all of that and so much more.  She loves nature, she loves people, she loves Jesus and is adamant that she says all the prayers, Blouwers (flowers), colors (mostly purple) and loves her family like crazy! This is why I love this age so much they don't seem to have a mean or malicious bone in their little bodies. (Don't get me wrong she is far from perfect and is known to scratch her sisters, break Savannah's glasses, accidentally pee her pants, crawls in my bed every night around 3 am, and is quite certain a quick show of Dora must put her to bed at night)  Life is an experience though and this little girl enjoys every moment of it.  She does so many funny things in a day I had to write a post dedicated to her. 

 She continues to fall asleep in the most random ways.  This one is at Friday night movie night, dead asleep on my bed just like this.
 Asleep in the hallway again.....
 Is that not the cutest little Ariel you've ever seen.  I've never seen anyone so excited for "happy Halloween" she dressed up as mermaid for an entire month prior to the actual day.
 Isabelle loves to make snow angels and loves the snow.  We got 17 inches in the middle of October and this little lady couldn't get enough of it.  Sometimes I would look out the window and there she would be just sitting looking around and eating a handful of snow. 

Isabelle loves to play and has a great imagination.  If ever she had disappeared for a long time it usually means she has started an intense game of barbies or dolls or (she is hiding under my bed playing the Ipad).  One night we couldn't find her and she was in Kelsies room making beds for all of her little dolls out of Kelsies wipes.  She even made them little pillows.  Oh I'm going to miss this little 3 year old and her cute little "polly pocket wipe beds." Don't grow up!!!


We were able to go pick grapes as a family so I could make the grape juice that we all love so much.  It was a gorgeous fall day and the kids loved picking.  It reminded me of my childhood harvesting the fall crops and made me miss that part of my life.
 We went on one last trip to the cabin in Fairview with my dad, it was a little chilly but fun to take the kids out for one last 4 wheeler ride.  These kids love spending time with their grandpa, he is always so much fun and up for just about anything as long as it involves these little ones. 

Samuel played tackle football this year, which I wasn't that thrilled about, as a worried parent I wasn't to keen on the idea of suiting my baby boy up to be knocked around on the football Field.  But Samuel isn't my baby anymore and certainly can handle it.  He score their first touchdown, caught a pass and ran it in 40 yards.  His team acted as if he had won the state title for them, it was priceless 

Labor day weekend was so great this year! All my siblings were in town and we took the kids to all the Onion day festivities.  They loved riding in this monster truck, watching fireworks, riding the carnival rides, watching the parade and getting to spend 4 days with all their cousins.  I loved sharing a piece of my childhood with them and loved watching them enjoy it as much as I did when I was their age.

 Anthony broke out the little tin boat we have an took it up to a local reservoir near our house after school a few times this fall, it was so great.  I loved to soak up the last remaining warm days that we had and the kids loved fishing with their dad.  Don't worry dad all 7 of us didn't pile in that thing, we went on different trips,  Kelsie would never make it on one of those fishing trips, she certainly would have jumped ship! 


School Days

We have already complete two weeks of school, crazy it seems like it just started.  So far all the kids are loving it! Still having a hard time with less play time in the evenings but we are getting adjusted.  All of us are anxious for a fun Labor day weekend with family at Onion Days.  
 Kaitlen's first day of Kindergarten.  Isn't her teacher the cutest!

Savannah, 2nd grade and Samuel 4th.

 Isabelle's first year of Preschool, she looks so little, I guess she is.  She goes 2 days a week for a couple hours and has the sweetest teacher.  So cute to hear her talk about her day.
Anthony's 9th year of teaching! Wow! Really? 9 years we can't be that old can we? The kids love riding to school everyday with there dad, and I love that he gets to take them.



As parents all of us have certain battles.  Each of our kids are unique and finding what works with one verses another is a constant challenge.  My kids all have certain things they/we battle with.  Savannah is emotional sometimes I feel like she has duel personalities.  Sometimes I think Kaitlen could live off of 2 bites of food a day, food just isn't important to her and we really struggle every meal.  Samuel is way to hard on himself and expects perfection 99% of the time.  Kelsie, is still to young to tell but she is very strong willed, can't say as i blame her youngest of 5 has to be tough.  Isabelle's is bed time, she is like her dad and can stay up until the late hours of the night.  I thought it would be fun to chronicle the different places she falls to sleep each night of the week.  Each night we brush teeth, sing a song, or read a story and the girls are tucked into bed, however this little lady always sneaks out and finds the most random places to fall asleep.  I suppose she thinks I won't find out that she is out of her bed if she hides. 

SUNDAY: In her closet.

 MONDAY: Wrapped up in her canopy.

TUESDAY: My bedroom floor hiding under her pillow

 WEDNESDAY: Success! Asleep in her bed!

 THURSDAY: Under my bed.

FRIDAY: On my floor, she was on her way to take the fan into her room because she was hot, I guess she just couldn't make it though.

One thing I've learned as a parent for almost 10 years is to not sweat the small things,  we just carry her to bed and tuck her in.  She really is the cutest, its hard to get upset with this sweet little girl. 


A Perfect Day

I regret that I didn't get better pictures of this perfect day that we had at the Salt Lake Seven Peaks. We went with my sister and Anthonys sister and their families.  When I was younger my mom took us there all the time in the summer and it brought back so many great memories.  Our kids had a ball and the adults were able to run up and down the slides like we were 12 years old.  It is great to have days that you can feel like a kid again and even better when you get to spend those days with the people you love most! 


This and That

 These kids sure love their dad and are lucky enough to get to spend a ton of time with him during the summer months.  He really is amazing, patient, and so much fun to be around.  Life is always happier when Anthony is around. 
 Kaitlen is such a hoot and keeps us all laughing.  Her latest thing to do this summer is kiss the fish we catch, she mostly does it to get a laugh out of everyone.  Watch out for this one! (love the cookies all over her face)
 Isabelle is our "blower" (flower) girl.  She has a radar for flowers and can rarely resist picking them, sorry to her grandmas flowers who usually get the brunt of her obsession.  There are few stages in life I love more then 3 year olds.  Ninety percent of what comes out her mouth is pure joy the other 10% is total frustration :) 
 Kelsie Mae continues to get more adventurous and we are working on her walking skills, she is getting braver and braver.  We just can't get enough of this little face!

Fishing has become Samuel's new fascination and Savannah usually goes along for the ride.  Anthony is thrilled to finally have a few fishing buddies in the house.  They caught a ton of fish in the Weber river this week and couldn't have been more excited.  Savannah is so great to always roll with the punches and happy to be involved in whatever comes her way.

1st Birthday!

We can't believe our Baby is 1! We celebrated up at Holiday Park and had a great time.  We feel so lucky to have her in our lives.  I love watching my older kids love and care for her.  Happy Birthday Baby Kelsie!