Two Cameras

Anthony got me a small camera to fit in my purse so I can always have a camera with me well I love having it but somehow always forget I have it and forget to put the pictures on the computer. I can't beleive I forgot about this trip but it was a hoot. We went on a four wheelin trip up at the cabin we had a 1 year old all the way up to two 82 year olds. It was one of the rockiest roughest rides I've been on and Granna Beth and our friend Tom did awesome. I hope I'm still doing this kind of stuff when I'm in my 80's!!

On top of the world!!

Anthonys mom, grandma, and three kids


bwmold said...

How fun!!! What awesome views you had. How is Samuel doing with school? Take care.


Lisa said...

Looks like fun. Granna is a trooper isn't she. How fun that you all get to spend so much time together.

Rex.Moldy Blog said...

That's impressive!! Hey, if you have a minute will you e-mail or post on my blog how you got your blogs that you visit list to automatically tell you on your blog when they last updated? Does that make any sense? Thanks! =)