New life & Tractors

The weather doesn't show it but beginning in March spring arrives in Woodruff despite the cold weather their are hundreds of new little cows born. Me and the kids love to spot them and lately try to get a few pictures of them. Samuel always worries about them being out in the cold all night, we try to assure him that their moms snuggle them and keep them warm.

Another thing that has been very interesting to me is all of the old tractors that are just left out in the fields. It is the funniest thing they have just become part of the landscape, the ground has grown up around their tires. I always wonder what farmer got off of his tractor one day and just decided he'd leave it were it was. I think I'm going to start taking pictures of all the old tractors and trucks that are just part of the Rich County scenery.


Crystalyn said...

I have the same question about the outhouses or the old log houses. I think the houses have a great story to tell, so I asked a few people and they don't know anything about them. They too, like the trackers have become part of the landscape and not seen.

Lisa said...

You don't get stuff like that living in the city. The tractors look pretty cool actually.

Jesse said...

ANG! hope you have a Great birthday. We love you!

Jesse, Patty, Jacob, Maya and Leah