I got a new camera and Savannah has been good enough to be my model so I can figure all the little features it has. It has been pretty funny the different shots of the kids I've gotten.

Look at that Savannah has a vertical about like her mother!

I really want to get some great nature shots but the weather is still so yucky everything is just grey. This is a picture of the frost on the tree in our front yard yesterday morning. Thanks to photo shop I was able to give it the appearance of a blue sky even though it really is a gross grey day.


Jennifer said...

i LOVE that first picture, andrea! there is a certain authenticity to it - i've been looking at a lot of photographers' sites lately and i think a lot of them have lost that natural feel to their pics. this one is wonderful.

Lisa said...

What a jumper! Glad to see you finally are getting a chance to play around with that camera.

Kade & Kendal's Mom said...

Love that 1st pic...what a doll.
What kind of camera did you get?
A good camera makes all the difference.

Maydi said...

Your pictures are sooo cute. How fun. Kennedy was "selling" bracelets, but to her that meant just giving them to her friends. Ha ha ha