We're in Training

I've always said that potty training is the all time hardest thing, thus far, for me to do as a parent. Kaitlen is 2 years and 5 months and talking quite well. She is dry when she wakes up in the morning, tells me shes wet, and when she is stinky. So now that the summer of fun is drawing to a close I feel like it is time I taught her how to put all that "junk" in the potty. If only it were an easy thing. I try to compare it to teaching them how to walk it is a totally new concept and takes time to master; walking however does not involve the "junk"

Today was our first real solid effort at it and it did not go well at all... I am pleased to report however that I kept my cool and patience with her and tried to stay positive and up beat about the whole learning processes. I am however asking you, all my friends for any advice that might help this process happen smoother and quickly.......anyone???

Kaitlen loves candy and I cut her supply off unless she goes on the potty which happened a total of 1 time today with 5 accidents (all of which were outside and on kitchen floor yeah for the carpet:). Yikes!! I'm not ready for this.


patty said...

I don't know if you remember, but with Jacob we would sing happy birthday to him everytime he went potty and we let him blow out a candle. Silly, I know, but it worked well. We've tried that a few times with Leah and she thinks it's great, epecially now since we make it a family affair and all 4 of us are singing and having a party for her in the bathroom.

Stephanie said...

um.....funny that I read this post today because I haev been up to the same thing with Baylee. She was probably ready at like 20 months but I wasn't. I still don't think I am. I absolutely HATE potty training. She did really well this morning and then had 3 accidents in a row this afternoon. I could use someadvice too. lol
I usually reward her with a mini marshmallow when she pee's and give her something bigger like a Dum Dum if she poops. Hang in there!
By the way....glad you liked the zucchinni bread!