Savannah turned 4!

Wow I am behind! Savannah turned 4 on the 2nd of July. We had a Tinkerbell party with some of her friends. She has been looking forward to this for about......10 months :) She wouldn't even open her present from us until she was in her Tinkerbell outfit. She finally got a big girl bike and loves it! Whats not to love it is a purple princess bike with sparkly streamers, a backpack to put toys in and a water bottle, I want a bike like that! :) She still needs a little practise though. All her friends came dressed as princesses and fairies, they looked so cute, we had a great time!


Catie said...

I can't believe Savannah is 4 years old! Where does all the time go? She is so darling!
Happy Birthday Savannah!

Katie said...

Alli saw the princesses and wished she could've gone to Savannah's party. How cute are they! Looks like fun!

Lisa said...

What a fun little party. Where's the picture of the cake? Princess parties seems like so much more fun than Power Ranger parties. I'm sure Jared would disagree.