Much Needed Break

This past weekend my sister and I went to New York to stay with one of our best friends from grade school, Cassie, thanks for letting us stay! We had the best time and tried so many new things. Here are a few pictures from our trip. I have to say thanks a million to my husband who wasn't worried in the least about taking care of our 3 kids for 4 days......and his mom cause I'm sure she helped a ton too. :)

We went over to Brooklyn and ate at Grimaldis (greatest pizza!) then walk back across the Bridge.

This is the Manhattan Temple, we did a session Saturday morning, amazing to be inside so peaceful while the city is so crazy just outside.

I'm sure you've all heard of the play Wicked, well to see it on Broadway you have to plan months in advance and tickets are pricey, however they have a "lottery" where you put you name in for a drawing 2 hours before the show and hope that out of 200 people your name gets drawn I am still in shock but they pulled my name out I got two tickets, $25 each, and we sat front row. It was amazing we were so close the actors actually made eye contact with us.

Mani Pedis, this is how out in the dark I am I never even knew it is called a "mani pedi" so fun we also got our eye brows threaded, like waxing but with a piece of thread.....weird but it works great.

Food Food Food!! I thought i might be rolling off the plane after all the good food we ate.
We ate the best New York steak, Italian, cupcakes, ice cream, pizza, I tried Falaflas (vegetarian food), and much more.

Now I'm back to my town of 300, mopping floors, changing diapers, reading stories, making tents, doing laundry.........and I wouldn't trade for anything! Thanks Cassie and Anthony for a great escape!!


Catie said...

New York City...!! How is that?

Temple, Winning tickets, Wicked, Baby sitter,Freind, Sister,FOOD, Mani Pedis, Really what else could you ask for?! So so so fun. Next time I want to come!!

ps Have you found out what you are having yet?

Katie said...

What an amazing break! So fun! I'm jealous, but also very happy for you. Especially amazing is the part about the Broadway tickets. Lucky!!! Well, I'm glad you had a nice trip. Take care.

Moldy's 5 said...

Sounds like you had a awesome time. I can't believe you won tickets for so cheap. That is great. What a nice break for you. You deserve it.

Meggie said...

How fun! Savannah told me that you were gone to New York, and showed me her necklace you brought back for her. I'm glad you got a little break. My mom will be so jealous; she's been dying to go to NYC!

Rex.Moldy Blog said...

I've always wanted to see NY City! Good for you to take a break! You dewerve it! Every mom deserves a break to be a "girl"! So I saw the first comment asking if you kjnow what you are having? hmmm? any news to share? =)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

you guys put cassie and i's girl get away to shame! wow! what a great trip.
i love new york, such a fun place and glad you guys had a fun trip before #4! 4 is a great number!

Mike and Lillian Montoya said...

What a fun little getaway! Looks like you had a great time. I LOVE NY! So much to see and do. Congrats on baby #4 as well..

Bennett Family said...

I was so excited when you posted some pictures, I haven't been able to talk to you about the trip. Good times.